Sustainable Identity MA Research- Sustainable Design

The design world is a vast one, and in this world, I have chosen to focus on the space between design and culture.

It is clear to me that the current design direction is rooted and based on the western culture, a linear culture who’s supporting designs which are not in line with sustainability.
However, the connection between design and culture is serving sustainability.
In this project, I have shown that it’s possible to implement backwards design processes – processes in which the design is directing the culture.
Relying on local knowledge and local materials is the backbone of creating ecological products.
During this work, I have shown that projects like this are being done all over the world, and that these kinds of processes are happening in Israel as well.
The Beduin group, which as an ethnic group is suffering from inferior living conditions.
This a good example of evolving cultural environment identity, and a way of empowering a community from within, by using “bottoms up” process.

By understanding different concepts in psychology and sociology science, it is possible to understand the way the identity of the people is evolving.
As a result of set insights, the designer can understand, plan and execute different designs in order to empower local communities.
Communities which reminds us that life on earth is not monotonous but there is actually a big importance to the way of life, land, the growing plants and living things around us.

Due to the potential of different designing concepts creating an actual difference in identity and behavior of an individual and also in a society, I see great importance in completing this work and creating a deeper, more meaningful research.
Moreover, I see great importance in creating more communal projects in Israel and around the world, while keeping environment and society evolvement in focus.

This evolvement will create a positive reality for years to come, and in fact will be the reality which the next generation live in.


Pictures from the reaserch process in Abu – Guidar village